Our Home in Santa Fe

This is our new home in the country south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, though it is officially part of the city.

Our house and studio from a nearby hill with the Sangre de Christo Mountains in the background. View basically north.

Our normal parking place on the south side of the house with the side entrance. The house is a "straw-bale" house because it is made with straw bales inside the walls for insulation. It is supposed to stay quite cool in summer. It also holds the heat in the winter as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard.

Our front entrance.

A hearty welcome from the two of us.

Look up a little as you walk in the frond door. The white outside is not snow.
It is bright sunlight. If you want to see what is outside, everything inside would be almost black.
All indoor pictures have this effect.

The living room from the bedroom loft above.

Another view of the living room.

The stairs up to the bedroom loft.

Petra brewing something in the kitchen.

The living room from yet another location. The doorway goes to the guest room in the next picture.

Our guest room and an exit to a north patio, nice in the heat of the summer.

The back entrance room and my work bench until it gets warmer and I can work in the studio without having to heat it.

The studio in preparation with my sometime-to-be desk.

The view out the back door of the studio--and from my chair once I start sitting at that desk to work. As you can see here and in the others pictures outside, the predominent vegitation is shage brush, juniper bushes, cholla cactus, and dry grasses. The earth is the same dirt they use to make adobe. When it gets wet it gets slippery and sticks heavily to your shoes. There are many birds.

When we are out for our afternoon walk we can look right through the house in through the front room and out the kitchen window and in through the upper window and out through the bedroom window.

Sometimes it snows.

Some of the buildings and hills north of us in the El Dorado section of Santa Fe. El Dorado is some five miles south of Santa Fe proper. We live on the south edge of El Dorado, still in Santa Fe.

We have found a nice walk path along the Lamy railroad, now only a weekend tourist route.

The sun sets over the Ortiz and Sandia Mountains. I never thought I would see sunsets like those in Africa again but they are here.

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