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This page is under construction. If you want to ask us something that should be a FAQ, please contact us by email or "Quick form" and we will answer as soon as we can and also put that FAQ question and answer here.

This page attempts, like all FAQ pages, to guess what are the questions you would like to ask us. It then gives you the answers that we think will satisfy you.

What is this I see identifying the pages. I thought this was Pilgrimage Creations?
The site is Pilgrimage Creations and you can get to it with In an earlier life cycle the site was named Walking with Awareness. Pilgrimage Creations is the outgrowth, the successor, of our earlier site, Walking with Awareness. For convenience and to save a considerable amount of time and effort including changing email addresses, we left Pilgrimage Creations based on the old site,

How was your walk across America and Europe? These are the FAQs we answered in the end of our book Encounters on the road to Jerusalem concerning our 2-year walk from California to Jerusalem. We answered all of them in greater detail in the body of the book.
  • Was it safe to walk? Yes!
  • Did you carry a gun? Weren’t you afraid to walk in the open (without a car) …?And No!
  • How were the people? Amazing! Wonderful! They give us strength and enthusiasm to keep walking.
  • How were the dogs? Accept for a pack of three in France, we had no problem with dogs.
  • How many pairs of shoes did you wear out? Nine. They averaged 608 miles (984 km) per pair.
  • How far did you walk? 5,321 miles (8,620 kilometers).
  • How far did you walk in a day? How fast? 13.3 miles (21.2 kilometers) average per day at 2.5 to 3 miles (4 to 5 kilometers) per hour.
  • Did you take rides? Yes. We walked more than 81% of the distance of this pilgrimage and rode the rest.
  • How was it being together as husband and wife 24/7 for so long? Quite well. The body of the book tells you more.
  • Did you have backups like extra medicines, extra clothes? No. If we needed something we bought it or it was provided.
  • How much did it cost? About the same as the cost to keep up a modest household.

What happened to your Steps and Walking East blogs?
They are still there. Click here for our Steps blog. You get to the Walking East blog from the Walking East to Jerusalem page. I will add proper links to them on the Pilgrimage Creations tabs in the near future.

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