Petra Wolf and Mike Metras

We are Petra Wolf and Mike Metras. We followed the call of our hearts and walked the Camino de Santiago in 2003, Petra from Constance, Germany, and Mike from Roncesvalles, Spain. We met on that pilgrimage and have since married. We walked the Camino that first time alone. Since then we have walked major portions of the Camino four times again, twice walking back towards Europe from Santiago. Later we walked the Via de la Plata Camino from Seville to Santiago. We have also walked a 1200-plus-kilometer (775-mile) pilgrimage to Rome from our doorstep in Kisslegg, Germany; and we have walked across America and southern Europe on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Petra, a doula, a workshop and vision quest guide, and an environmental engineer, has studied shamanism, walked several European pilgrimages, and co-authored two books with Mike.

Mike, an author, photographer, pilgrimage guide, and retired technical writer has also studied shamanism and theology, walked European pilgrimages, and written several books.

After four years in Europe and India, a year in California, two years walking to Jerusalem, and two years in Santa Fe writing and developing workshops and slide shows based on the experience we gained on our pilgrimages, we are again on the road. Now we are on a two- to three-year pilgrimage in India. Consequently, we are currently not doing our workshops, slide shows, or walks. Nonetheless, our books are still available. And if you encounter us on the road, ask us about our slide shows—they are all on our computers.

Updated June 2014
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