California to Jerusalem

We make a beginning.

These pictures were originally in line with the text of the blog (and still are). To make these separate picture files complete, I now also liat them in these California and Arizona picture files.

Oatman Main Street (also Route 66) in the morning sun. 11 Feb 2009

Cooking in Cool Springs. 11 Feb 2009

Petra cooks in our cool campsite in Cool Springs. 11 Feb 2009

The rebuilt period stop on 66 in Cool Springs as we are about to leave early in the morning. 12 Feb 2009

A very welcome roadside hot-dog stand. 12 Feb 2009

An old car in Hackburry.14 Feb 2009

Ready to walk in front of the period store in Hackberry. 14 Feb 2009

Posing in Hackburry. 14 Feb 2009

The “famous” Max in the Hackburry store next to their Klondike store. 14 Feb 2009

We passed through Valentine, AZ in Valentine’s day. It’s not much of a town. Our now two carts stand left. 14 Feb 2009

And the desert was covered with snow. 14 Feb 2009

The neon sign outside the Truxton Frontier Motel, a building that stands in an advance stage of age. If we had a car we would have moved on. 14 Feb 2009

The desert stands cold and white as we walk out of Truxton.15 Feb 2009

It snowed an inch and a half while we slept at Grand Canyon Caverns Motel. The sun was just raising as we left for our 25-mile (41-km) walk to Seligman. 17 Feb 2009

Hoarfrost on the desert. It didn't look like the desert. 17 Feb 2009

A beautiful, red '59 Chevy truck pulling a vintage trailer pulled into Seligman as we sat on our motel balcony watching the activity on old Route 66 pass through Seligman. 18 Feb 2009

Petra heads east leaving Seligman behind after a day of rest. 19 Feb 2009

Walking 66's pre-1952 surface west of Ash Fork, AZ. 19 Feb 2009

A tree grows out of a bridge along pre-'52 66. Notice the later Rt 66 shield painted on the left side of the bridge. 19 Feb 2009

While we were eating at the café in Ash Fork, Floyd arrived with his '58 Chevy. He and his wife were having a '50s costume party the next night to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. He was taking his car to Williams to wash it. But before he went, he gave Petra a ride. Walking to New Orleans played as Petra had here first ride ever in such a heavy car. Thanks Floyd. 20 Feb 2009

We had to walk I40 up the 1,500 feet to Williams for lack of other routes. Notice that we had already walked more than the 448 road miles from LA. 20 Feb 2009

We had to ford a frozen creek on old 66 after leaving Williams. Very luckily for us, the surface was substantially frozen on the left side from this view. 22 Feb 2009

The San Francisco mountains north of Flagstaff as we are walking west of town. 22 Feb 2009

Petra and my brother Marty in the heavy wind looking into the Meteor Crater. 23 Feb 2009

Petra and I pose at Meteor Crater with the San Francisco mountains in the background. 23 Feb 2009

The San Francisco mountains are a background again, this time with Marty and Petra at Meteor Crater. 23 Feb 2009

A log in the Petrified Forest. 25 Feb 2009

Another petrified log. 25 Feb 2009

Sitting around among the petrified trees. 25 Feb 2009

Petroglyphs in the Petrified Forest. 25 Feb 2009

Here in the Petrified Forest Route 66, except for the telephone poles, has returned to the weeds. 25 Feb 2009

The Painted Desert. 25 Feb 2009

Sunset cliffs near the Arizona-New Mexico border. 26 Feb 2009

A closer view. 26 Feb 2009

My brother Marty gets ready to leave Arizona. 27 Feb 2009

Petra and Marty at the New Mexico border. 27 Feb 2009

Walking to Gallup. 27 Feb 2009

Curious onlookers. Check out the snow on the cold north side of the distant hills. 27 Feb 2009

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