California to Jerusalem

We make a beginning.

These pictures were originally in line with the text of the blog (and still are). To make these separate picture files complete, I now also list them in these California and Arizona picture files.

I am modeling the new flag I made from our name badge. 11 Jan 2009

Petra sits in front of the locked up house waiting for Helmut and Rose to take our final things to storage.. 15 Jan 2009

Petra walking Hwy 154 north of Cachuma Lake. 16 Jan 2009

Sitting in front of the landmark Cold Springs Tavern waiting for our wonderful hamburger. 17 Jan 2009

Petra with Junipero Serra outside of the Mission Santa Barbara. 18 Jan 2009

The Santa Barbara sea side. 18 Jan 2009

Our home in Carpinteria, CA. 19 Jan 2009

Sea fog. 19 Jan 2009

Petra walks the surf on our next to last last visit with the ocean for several months when it will be the Atlantic we are seeing. 19 Jan 2009

We pose next to the Pacific for the last time. The next ocean we will see will be the Atlantic in December. 21 Jan 2009

The Heritage House in Piru, our home for one night.25 Jan 2009

Morning in Piru. 25 Jan 2009

Petra walking in the land of SunKist oranges, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruit. 24 Jan 2009

Evening shadow. 26 Jan 2009

Another desert evening. 29 Jan 2009

A Pearblossom road. 20 Jan 2009

Our first river crossing. 31 Jan 2009

Morning on the desert. 2 Feb 2009

Evening shadows as we approach Silver Lakes. 2 Feb 2009

Evening hills of Silver Lakes. 2 Feb 2009

Petra found this doll baby cart on the way into Silver Lakes. It was lying along with the tons of other junk in the desert. But this junk of another proved to be a wonderful conveyance for me. We’ll get carts when we get to Barstow. 2 Feb 2009

Now it is Petra’s turn to push her backpack on her new cart. It will eventually carry her things to New York City. 5 Feb 2009

Posing behind the counter in the Bagdad Cafe. 6 Feb 2009

Amboy Motel on old Route 66. The motel that wasn’t in the Amboy and will not be for a few years. 7 Feb 2009

Route 66 east of Amboy. 7 Feb 2009

Petra looks out the window of our Avi Casino room in the most southerly point in Nevada, our only touching of that state. 8 Feb 2009

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