California to Jerusalem
Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Israel

Christmas in Bethlehem!

We drove into Bethlehem on Christmas day. 25 Dec 10

To see the traditional site of the manger, we had to stand in a hefty line and wait as they filed slowly into the basement. There a multi-pointed star indicated the place of Jesus' birth. But no pictures. My camera was pushed down and I pushed forward. I came. I saw. And I was pushed on. There and gone so quickly. But we made it on the 25th. 25 Dec 10

Some of the ancient floor of the Church of the Nativity. 25 Dec 10

They say St. Jerome translated the Vulgate Bible from Greek and Hebrew to Latin in this hole in the ground next to the Church of the Nativity. No wonder he had such a bad temperment. 25 Dec 10

An open street scene in the old city of Jerusalem. 29 Dec 10

A shop with colorful fabrics. 29 Dec 10

A spice shop in the old city market. The pyramid is spice, quite a piece of work. 31 Dec 10

The old city has many steps. Carts like these supply most everything not carried in. Most carts had this ingenious method of breaking: an old tire tied to the back of the cart. When you want to slow down you step on the tire or even stand on it when you need extra breaking power. 29 Dec 10

We stayed in a convent over the spot where Pontius Pilot condemned Jesus to death, Ecce Homo Convent. It had a beautiful roof terrace overlooking Jerusalem. We spent a lot of time on the terrace. This was one day as a storm formed over the city. 4 Jan 11

A closer look at the city. The minaret in the center is in the next picture. 4 Jan 11

A modern minaret, the tower of a mosque. The minarets of Jerusalem called out their prayers five times a day, quite loudly. 27 Dec 10

The dome of the church of the Holy Sepulture along with a few other churches and mosques. 28 Dec 10

The churches from the previous picture at sunset. 27 Dec 10

A panorama of the city from the top of our Ecce Homo Convent where we stayed. Click here or on the picture to view a larger version. Return with Back key. 10 Jan 11

The cabbages of Jerusalem impressed us. One is just behind Petra here. 29 Dec 10

Arab graves just outside the Lions Gate below the temple on the east side of the old city. Below and on the other side of the road in the Jewish graveyard. And along the road is the day's harvest of tourist busses (24 visible just here). So many tourist busses. So many tourists. 31 Dec 10

People praying in the Jewish cemetery. 31 Dec 10

Mosaics in the Church of the Assumption. Mary sets between the Apostles. 31 Dec 10

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