California to Jerusalem
Last Days in Jerusalem

One pilgrimage is over. Another is started.

These pictures are not really the "last days" in Jerusalem. They just didn't fit in well with the story flow of the other two Jerusalem pages. They are leftovers that were too good to be put away in the dark recesses of my hard disk not to be seen by you. So I give them to you on this last page.

Oscar Shlindler is buried here outside the south wall of Jerusalem below the Zion gate. You likely remember the Steven Spielberg movie of his epic saving of many Jews during the Second World War. 5 Jan 11

Shlinder's grave. The rocks on the grave are a Jewish custom. Instead of leaving a flower to remember the person, they leave a rock which will last a lot longer. 5 Jan 11

Jerusalem's Damascus gate in the Arab city walls. Many things are bought and sold here at the entrance to one of the city's main markets. 2 Jan 11

Late one rainy Friday afternoon Hesidic Jews were hurrying into the Damascus Gate to get to the Western Wall for the evening prayer for the beginning of the Sabbath, their holy day. This guy has a traditional fur hat with a plastic cover. 2 Jan 11

Two others walk in swiftly with their felt hats as sellers continue to ply their goods. Petra stands right with wool hat, umbrella, and crutch. The leg was a lot better but not fully recovered. 2 Jan 11

Here's a hat for you. Looks like it is levitating on his head. 2 Jan 11

The Mount of Olives from the Arab cemetery below the temple wall on the east side of the city. 9 Jan 11

The church of St. Mary Magdalene with its Orthodox, golden, onion-skin tops. 5 Jan 11

Cats roam throughout the city. These two were on a roof a few houses away from our roof-top terrace. 11 Jan 11

So once again, our arrival picture. This pilgrimage is over. But the pilgrimage of life continues. Have a great life and stop by and visit us whenever you are in the area. Where is that? Check our query page for our current location. It could be any of a lot of places. 23 Dec 10

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