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Genoa to Sestri Levante, Italy

Life can change in a second.

These pictures come from the last four days of our pilgrimage walking, the days before Petra slipped and broke her left leg.

Genova (Genoa) has been a center of shipping since the middle ages and before. This little ship is similar to the many ships that plied their trade here in the past. 24 Oct 10.

And this is a larger one, a reproduction of a Pirate ship. It was used in some movie about the pirates. It now is tied down in front of the aquarium in Genoa's old harbor 24 Oct 10.

The working ships are still here. I can count 13 to 14 levels on this cruise ship. I have no desire to be crammed into this on the sea. Thousands travel at once on one like this. 24 Oct 10.

Petra stands in the central square of Genoa's business district. 25 Oct 10.

A Genovese church. 25 Oct 10.

Details of the column decoration between the church doors. 25 Oct 10.

An idealized Christopher Columbus stands on the top of his memorial at the central train station in Genoa. 26 Oct 10.

Me in front of Columbus. 26 Oct 10.

The Silent Bay of Sestri Levante. 26 Oct 10.

The late afternoon sun hides from Sestri Levante's Silent Bay. 26 Oct 10.

Evening sun from Sestri Levante. 26 Oct 10.

This day we set out walking south of Sestri Levante on a walking path high above the sea. In a couple hours we were up here looking north west toward Genoa. A ship-building village is in the first bay. The inland part of Sestri Levante is beyond the ridge beyond the first village. On the tip of the next finger of land is Porto Fino, a famous, high-end tourist town. Finally the faint ridge of mountains on the horizon is behind Genoa,65 kilometers (40 miles) away. 27 Oct 10.

The ship-building company in that town was going strong as we passed. But while we were in Sestri later, someone told us it is due to be closed down soon. There are no more boats to be made there. Oct 10.

We walked along these ridges in and out staying at around same height (within 30 meters (yards) above the water. We went far in around the first one, back where you cannot see. It was called Grand Valley. Back in there, while worrying about how I was taking the narrow path on the steep mountainside, Petra slipped and broke her left leg. See the late November posts for all the details. But our whole modus operandi, our whole pilgrimage walk was changed in that second. Life changed with that slip. Oct 10.

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