California to Jerusalem

Drink in the beauty of the soon dormant nature.

We spent the better part of October (5th to 26th) in Southern, Ontario. As in Illinois over the years, it was the best month of the year. The colors were brilliant. The air clear. Temperatures were both hot and cold. And one day we walked into wind carrying the first snow. Like in the US, the people of Canada welcomed us at every stop. Thanks, neighbors.

Here are some pictures of our Canadian crossing. Some are already in the flow of the journal text. They are here to put all together in one place.

The first thing that struck me was that Ontario looks a lot like Illinois or Kansas. But then there were those garish signs that stood everywhere yelling at you to buy something. (6 Oct 09)

We are standing at the wood pile at the Maefield Horse Farm Lodge in Wyoming, Ontario. They were ready for winter and so were we on that windy day. A 50 mph (80 kph), 40-degree (4C.) wind was pushing us east as we left that morning after a warm sleep in a comfortable, remodeled, wood house. (7 Oct 09)

Is Petra shading her eyes from the sun or from the brilliant colors this morning near London? (13 Oct 09)

The fields are ripe for picking. (13 Oct 09)

After seeing many fields ready for harvest we came on this combine picking beans. Rain kept tractors and other harvesters from most fields well into November this year. (14 Oct 09)

This is Woodstock, Ontario, not our hometown of Woodstock, Illinois. (15 Oct 09)

Another day on a bike trail. We did find some bike trails in Ontario though we walked a lot of roads. (16 Oct 09)

The wisdom of graffiti. (16 Oct 09)

Break time along another path. (19 Oct 09)

Sue Kenney and her nieces, Leslie, Rebecca, and Jacqueline, stand with Petra in front of Sue's sister Pat's home in Grimsby where we stayed for two nights. Sue is also a pilgrim walker who leads others to and on the Camino de Santiago and the pilgrimage of life. (21 Oct 09)

Wine country near Jordan, Ontario, south of Lake Huron. (21 Oct 09)

Port Dolhousie, the original beginning of the Welland Canal that connects Lakes Erie and Ontario. (25 Oct 09)

A bridge raises to let a boat by on the Welland Canal. (25 Oct 09)

The Niagara River winds it way north to Lake Huron. (26 Oct 09)

"Just another" tree showing off its fall colors before it goes to sleep for the next half year. (26 Oct 09)

The multi-colored banks of the Niagara River. We are in the neighborhood of the Niagara Falls where they are known simply as "The Falls" and so announced on all road signs within 100 miles (160 km). (26 Oct 09)

Our first good view of the American falls from under the supports of a railroad bridge. (26 Oct 09)

The American Falls are part of the street scene of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Notice that the Christmas decorations are already on the street lights. (27 Oct 09)

A close look at the Canadian Falls. (27 Oct 09)

Lighting is difficult here but here we are standing before the Canadian Falls. (27 Oct 09)

The American and Canadian Falls on a gray day as we left Canada. (27 Oct 09)

Petra's shot of the American Falls and birds as we took our first steps into New York. Technically we are out of Canada but this closes the Falls chapter. (27 Oct 09)

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