California to Jerusalem
Gallop to Nickerson, KS

Be ready to jump off the cliff
into the arms of the Universe.

An Ostrich at Hedrick's Exotic Farm in Nickerson, Kansas. 3 May 09

Some of the camels. 3 May 09

Petra with the camels. 3 May 09

Again. 3 May 09

Petra feeding some exotic calf. 3 May 09

Our first camel ride either together or alone. 3 May 09

Our front yard at this hour this morning. 1 May 09

An ever-present sprinkler in this land of irrigated fields. 28 Apr 09

We have "officially" made it to half way across the USA, at least between San Francisco and New York. 26 Apr 09

An abandoned Kansas grain elevator. 26 Apr 09

Petra at the Dodge City east entrance. 26 Apr 09

A closer view of Petra at the Dodge City east entrance. 26 Apr 09

Store facades in the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. Apr 09

Dodge City's Boot Hill and our Boot Hill B&B in the background. 25 Apr 09

The darker lines are the remains of the Santa Fe trail west of Dodge City. 24 Apr 09

A Google earth image from 2600 feet of the same area as the above picture. The many wandering lines right to left are the various paths of the trail. Wagons often ran up to four abreast for safety as well as for cutting down on erosion. The wildly meandering dark line is a much later and now defunct canal.

Someone was/is in love. This fence outside Cimarron, Kansas has a lot of cut out disks hanging on the fence. 24 Apr 09

Posted 29 Apr 09:

An evening Kansas storm. 20 Apr 09

Walking in Kansas. 20 Apr 09

The inside of our elegant B&B in Garden City, Kansas. 19 Apr 09

In Garden City Gary took us up in this plane for a view of Garden City and the In Cold Blood house in Holcomb, Kansas. Thanks for the memorable ride, Gary. 19 Apr 09

A hot day on the way to Garden City. 19 Apr 09

Our Lamar, Colorado, B&B. 14 Apr 09

Walking a country road on a cloudy Colorado afternoon. 13 Apr 09

The front of the post office in Hasty, Colorado where people were anything with Hasty. We enjoyed sitting in front of the general store lazily eating lunch and drinking coke. 13 Apr 09

One of many markers placed along the Santa Fe trail at the beginning of the 20th century. 12 Apr 09

A walk along a canal in Colorado this afternoon. 11 Apr 09

A member of an emu farm along the road this day. 11 Apr 09

Bent's Old Fort near La Junta, Colorado. The Bent established this private fort in the late 1830s. 11 Apr 09

The great Italianate Victorian B&B we stayed in while in Trinidad, Colorado. 7 Apr 09

Posted 9 Apr 09:

Trinidad, CO Commercial Street and Fisher Peak. 8 Apr 09

Sunset behind the Spanish Peaks west of Trinidad. 7 Apr 09

Our picnic site along I25. It's easier for us to drive off the road than for a car to do so. 7 Apr 09

Our introduction to Colorful Colorado. What a view! 7 Apr 09

Petra's cart and picture of the Sangre de Christo Mts at top of the Raton Pass on the Colorado border. 7 Apr 09

Another version of Petra's cart and picture. 7 Apr 09

Petra negotiating I25. Actually it was a rather easy walk. 7 Apr 09

A prairie windmill. 7 Apr 09

The moon in midday as we walked down Cimarron Canyon. 2 Apr 07

At Flechado Pass about to descend into the Angel Fire-Eagle Nest Valley. 1 Apr 09

Sunrise over the Santa Fe mountains. 19 Mar 09

Santa Fe evening view from La Bahada rest area on I25. 18 Mar 09

Lake Cochati campground and the plain we will cross the next day in the distance. 17 Mar 09

Evening sun at the Hacienda Inn in Albuquerque. This was a fortuitous discovery in a northern neighborhood. 15 Mar 09

A Route 66 commemorative sign in Albuquerque. 13 Mar 09

We came out of the desert and into the Rio Grande valley this day to the blossoming of so many trees. 11 Mar 09

Mount Taylor must have been the target of the bulldozer as they created this pre-1937 section of Route 66 west of Albuquerque. 8 Mar 09

The cliffs near 'Dead man's corner' on the old Hwy 66. 7 Mar 09

Houses in the Ancona Pueblo. 6 Mar 09

Petra and an abandoned sign in a sand storm. 5 Mar 09

Aother Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train. They passed us so much those first couple months that I suspect that some of the engineers must have known us. 4 Mar 09

Herman's Garage along the road. 3 Mar 09

A Hogan and the red rocks east of Gallop, New Mexico. 2 Mar 09

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