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Hudson and New York

Know your early roots.

As November fell into December and the weather got colder, we finished our trek across North America walking down the Hudson River into New York City. Here some photographic reminders of those days. Some of the pictures are already in the flow of the journal text. They are here to put all together in one place.

Petra walks the now leafless path a bit before Albany. (22 Nov 09).

Petra's cart looks almost as tall as new as we stop along the road for a few minutes near Hudson, New York. (26 Nov 09).

Who knows who belongs to this place along the road near Hudson, Hew York. I like its color and flourish. (26 Nov 09).

This sign graces the wall of a coffee house either in Hudson or in the next town south. (27 Nov 09).

Petra leaves an old bridge south of South of Hudson. (27 Nov 09).

A view east over the Hudson River. (28 Nov 09).

The upper sign reminded us that we were leaving upstate New York and getting near the city. A couple days later the one below hinted that we should take that train. (28 Nov 09).

In October, they opened this converted railway bridge as a foot path across the Hudson. They had spent 37 million dollars and more than a couple years to retool it from a railway to a walkway. (29 Nov 09).

We were on the bridge on a Sunday. We saw more people on this two-mile (three km) path than we saw on the whole path along the Erie Canal. (29 Nov 09).

A cliff along the Hudson. About a third of the way up you can see the retaining walls for a road climbing it. (3 Dec 09).

This dam holds back some of the water reserve for New York City. We ended up walking across it when the only other path across the river below it was a freeway that didn't want us walking on it. The detour that took a couple extra hours proved to be a pleasant walk in the end. (4 Dec 09).

We had avoided snow since Truchas, New Mexico in the spring. But here it came just before New York. Snow was an oft-visited subject as we walked east through New York. I wanted to get to the City before it came down to heavily. We did. (6 Dec 09).

A steep cliff, The Palisades, is the edge of the Hudson on the New Jersey side of the river north of the City. (7 Dec 09).

We walked south into New York City on Broadway from far north of the City. Then we came to Central Park and walked north to south through it. This is one view of it. (8 Dec 09).

We have made it to Central Park. The sun is bright; but we are still wearing our scarves. (8 Dec 09).

Central Park. (8 Dec 09).

Petra in south Central Park. (8 Dec 09).

We had this view of financial district as we began our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. (8 Dec 09).

Petra walking the Brooklyn Bridge. (8 Dec 09).

Three tugs pull a ship out to sea. (8 Dec 09).

The Statue of Liberty from near to site of the World Trade Center. (10 Dec 09).

A Brooklyn neighborhood as we walked our last day to the Atlantic. It was our wedding anniversary and my brother Marty's birthday. (12 Dec 09).

When we finally arrived at Coney Island and the ocean, the boardwalk was almost empty and the sun was about to set. (12 Dec 09).

We made it to the Atlantic. We are 4,500 or so miles (7,300 km) from our starting point 11 months earlier. We had walked some 3,885 (6,300 km) of that. (12 Dec 09).

Sunset at Coney Island. (12 Dec 09).

With the sun down, Petra burns the two pair of pants she has warn these months to symbolize the end of our walk across North America. (12 Dec 09).

Clothes burnt and one leg of the pilgrimage finished we stop at the "famous" Nathan's for their trademarked Coney Island hot dog. (12 Dec 09).

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