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Katy Trail

What do you reach for?

11 June - We have arrived at the Katy Trail in Pilot Grove. The Katy follows the route of the defunct Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad across Missouri along the north bank of the Missouri River.

17 June - Petra walking the Katy Trail.

The Katy Limited in its glory days.

12 June - A tunnel of trees along the Katy Trail before Boonville, Missouri.

13 June - The Katy bridge over the Missouri in Boonville. We couldn't walk on it.

14 June - Petra on the Katy near New Franklin at the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail. After a lot of walking we have arrived at the beginning.

13 June - Daisies along the way.

14 June - After all this is a railroad bed. It should be straight and flat. What a welcome treat after all the hills in the rest of Missouri.

14 June - A tree and path off Katy.

15 June - King of the hill; or is it king of the hay stack?

15 June - Bluffs lined the north bank just to our left for most of the way east.

15 June - Many benches sit along the Katy; but so do mosquitos. So the benches were often of no use to us.

15 June - Some more flowers.

16 June - The 'biggest' (or was it the'oldest') Burr Oak in the US.

16 June - The first bardge we see on the Missouri.

16 June - Then it went down the river around the corner.

16 June - One of the many old bridges along the way.

16 June - A Table along the river.

16 June - The Missouri bottomlands.

16 June - The Globe Hotel in Heartsburg. Our room was the rightmost upper window you can see here.

19 June - Jefferson City state capitol from across the Missouri.

20 June - The trail shelter in Tebbetts, the closest thing we found to a Camino de Santiago refugio. It has seen its better days but its many bunk beds offer a good enough place to stay for that night.

20 June - Petra takes off into the morning haze on what was to become another very hot and very humid day.

20 June - The cottage at the Steamboat Junction Campground. We enjoyed a fine evening in this little cabin.

23 June - Trelaor hed two old store fronts along the trail. A few other house stood here and there too but these two stores stood so alone.

24 June - We stayed in this little house in Marthasville. It was one of our more pleasant stops.

24 June - A friend, Gerry Rock, walked with us from Marthasville to Augusta on one of the hottest and most humid of days on our pilgrimage so far.

24 June - Another hot day on the Katy Trail.

24 June - Gerry made the 11+ miles (17.6km) to Augusta in the 111 (44C.) degree heat index air. We did too with a lot of effort.

26 June - The rails of the old railroad (closed in 1986) are overgrown next to the path hear St. Charles.

24 June - The end of the line. You cannot see it yet but it is only a short distance beyond Petra and the trees in the background. It has been a long, wonderful, and challanging walk across Missouri. On to Illinois now.

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