California to Jerusalem
Kansas-Blackwater, MO

How do you keep life simple?

8 May - What do you see? This wood carving was in the window of a Bed & Breakfast in Marion, Kansas. I was intreigued by what I saw. Look at it a while then check a few pictures below for some information about it.

8 May - Us at the Lost Springs stop on the Santa Fe trail in east central Kansas.

19 May - An old house in Kansas with an incongruently new mail box.

May 16 - The top of the old courthouse of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas taken from across the prairie.

The first picture: The home owner was the artist who cut out the first picture in this group. She said it was an Eagle. When I told her I first saw an old Chinaman bent over reading a book, she agreed in amazement that she could also see the man. Email me and tell me what you saw.

14 May - The Flint hills of Kansas. Too hard to plow, they remain much like they were when the white man first came.

19 May - This day a state park ranger directed us down several little-used roads like this one. What a delight.

2 June - We're in Missouri and have the tourist book with the hotels, motels, and B&Bs.

May 28 - Kansas City skyline from Independence, Missouri.

2 June - Our first Missouri country road experience.

2 June - These three tiny towns stand a few miles apart along the Missouri River in western Missouri. Someone's sense of humor?

3 June - A cannonball sits lodged high in a column of the Lexington, Missouri court house, the result of an early Civil War battle won by the southern army. The city's citizens proudly show off this curious battle scar that some say happened when the ball missed a nearby command tent.

9 June - We stayed at the 1850s Arrow Rock Inn B&B in this tiny town with several B&Bs and a summer playhouse that does Broadway shows.

10 June - The next day we stayed in the Iron Horse Inn in Blackwater, a town rescued from the wrecking ball by an investor that wanted to save the past.

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