In the interest of letting you know what I think of some of the publications we have used, I bring you this review page. I am using this format rather than scattering the items through the pages so that you can look in one place. Also sometimes the review gets in the way of the flow of other pages, like, the links page, for example.

The views on this page (as well as on most of the rest of this site) are my own views. You may think much the opposite. That's fine with me. Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to contact me and let me know your ideas. Who knows, you may change my mind and I may change my views here. Let's talk. I am open to dialogue.

I have not yet transferred my reviews of the following items here yet. You can see a reviews on my page with general information about the Via Francigena. Check back later for more detailed reviews of all.

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