To Home - 10 Feb

Remembering and reliving!

We get on an early train in Rome and head back to Germany often following closely on the path we spent 64 days walking to get to Rome. At times we can see the actual path. We remember the steps we walked there. And at times even remember seeing a train from the place we are looking at from the train now. It is amaizing how you remember a place so clearly when you walk it. I have the whole path we walked in myself now. I can go to most of the places and trace the path in my minds eye. E5 and the Via Francigena, just like the Camino de Santiago and the Via de la Plata, are now a part of me. Those pieces of Europe are now permanent parts of me.

Thirteen hours after leaving Rome we walk back into our door in Kisslegg. We are back home. But "home" is a little more the world than it was before we left. We are citizens of the world more than ever. We are all one.

A stage of life is done. Another begins.

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