Spiritual and practical preparation
for walking a pilgrimage

We currently spend the summers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the winters in India. We have no schedule to give this seminar but we will give it on request. If you see us somewhere or ask us online, we have our resources on our computer and can give the seminar on request.

Pilgrimage begins in the heart and with the first steps into the unknown. The essence of the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) or any other pilgrimage walk is the encounters with and between yourself, others, and the Universe as you walk step by step along the path. The walk is the destination.

This workshop encourages you to become more aware of your "call" and motivation for going on your pilgrimage. We encourage you to face fears and emotional feelings and come to see them as gifts to help you to discover new insights. We also want to support you by helping you to decide what things to take along and to discover and celebrate the gifts of the joys, doubts, crisis, and fears that will surely come up before you walk and as you walk.

We tell you our stories and help you open up to life-changing experiences. No one returns from a pilgrimage unchanged.

This workshop gives you insights into the practical side of this pilgrimage walk: a slide show of our walk along the Camino de Santiago, planning your walk, what to take along, where to stay, the path, and the walking itself. We talk about your pharmacy, the spiritual and physical tools you have to help you through difficult times on your walk.

We talk about walking long distances and how each of us, no matter our age or physical condition, can walk at our own pace. In the face-to-face workshop we also practice slow walking, a help against hurting feet.

The workshop dares you to open up to the wonderful things you can discover on your pilgrimage walk as you follow your call into the unknown.

We offer this workshop both in a physical (face-to-face) workshop setting and as an on-line web workshop. The latter allows you to take the workshop in a familiar and comfortable location. It saves both you and us the effort of traveling to a distant location and spending the consequent extra money and time.

Download a brochure with details about the on-line version of this workshop. With only minor changes, the face-to-face version will be substantially the same.


We present these workshops both on-line and face-to-face for individuals, for small groups of two to four persons, and for larger groups of up to 10.

  • We have no workshop currently scheduled. If you are interested in the face-to-face version of this workshop, please contact us for our latest schedule or to schedule your own individual, small group, or web workshop.

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