We are in India

Hi everyone. I have closed this blog down. I am still around, but I am not posting things here any more. I am leaving this site online for historical purposes.

Please, check out India.WalkingWithAwareness.com where I am posting somewhat regularly. We are in southern India now at least until late in the year (2014).

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Moving on

This is not a standard Steps post but rather a bit of a news release. We are leaving Santa Fe for a while. On October 8 we leave for India on a one-way ticket. We will return when we return. We plan on yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda, travel, walking, meditation, and whatever the universe puts in front of us.

I will try to keep this going when we are on the road. But as you see here for the past several months, I have not done so well even while here siting in a set place. We will see. Look in once in a while and you may be surprised.

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Right and wrong

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.

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Making Friends

Accept yourself for what you are–human. Cultivate friendships. To do so, you have to be prepared to hurt, and be hurt. All does not pan out. Accept others also for what they are–they’re human too. To cultivate friendships, you must give a lot, it takes work. Look around for those you think will make good friends. But be prepared to be hurt (it will happen)–never give up for that reason. We have few true friendships in a life time. But we do have those few.
’63 edited in 8/88

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Prosperity and Adversity

The day of prosperity makes one forget adversity. The day of adversity makes him forget prosperity.
Si 11:25

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Set sail

A ship is not meant to sit safely at dockside. It is for sailing out on the sea where there are wind and waves. It is meant to move around in. So is life. Set sail and move out into life’s churning and sometimes dangerous waters.

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A lifetime

How long do you have to live? A lifetime!

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Languages—human and computer—are tools. I used to spend my time learning tool after tool, learning each until I knew it well-to-better. But I forgot at times that they were just tools, meant as a means to an end of looking deeper and deeper into the depths of the pool of human knowledge or to better tell others the human story as I see it.

I forgot that my goal was not to know well how to do something but to do something. Tools are no better than what I do with them. I sometimes spend so much time learning new tools that I forget to stop long enough to reap the benefits of using the tools. I could end up spending my whole life becoming an expert on many tools and never use them to communicate. They become rusty “new” things on the shelf—looking nice but doing little. — 1999.

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Life can only survive in the smallest center of the wide range of possible temperatures. Protected by light clothes the range is only the mid-40’s or so through around 120 or so. And the wind must minimal at the lower end and considerable at the upper. With clothes and portable environments, man can expand both ends a few hundred degrees up and a hundred or so down. But the bottom is -459 and the top very high. Man cannot go to those places of no molecular movement and extreme molecular movement. Yet we have this rock in the middle of a very hostile universe where we can live most of the time with minimal protection—and we share all this with millions of other species in the very same boat. So delicate, so strong, so improbable. Yet it all is.

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A pane teaches

A few years ago in Chicago a pane of glass from 21 stories up sailed down and cut off the head of a woman walking on the street below, killing her on the spot. Her daughter walking with her was not hurt, physically.

Life is short. It begins without asking whether we want to be, and it ends as suddenly. And look, a woman totally unknown to me and a pane of glass blasted a reminder to me of the fragility of it all. We are interconnected.

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